Pasar Malem is an Indonesian podcast about the world of technology and new media, hosted by Aulia Masna and Chris Prakoso.

Pasar Malem adalah podcast berbahasa Indonesia tentang dunia teknologi dan media baru, dipandu oleh Aulia Masna dan Chris Prakoso.

Your Hosts:

Aulia MasnaAulia Masna is a Resident Mac geek wherever he works. He writes, he teaches, and he consults Mac.  He is also a social networking bug. He is on Flickr, Pownce, Twitter, Plurk, Facebook, Friendster, Twitxr, Friendfeed, YouTube, LastFM, and del.icio.us.

You can read his thought in his blog.






Bagus PrakosoChris Prakoso is a Senior Software Analyst Developer.  He is mainly working in Microsoft .NET Environment using C# and SQL Server 2000/2005.

For more on his Professional Resume, please visit his Online Profile.





Chris also an avid Web Developer/Designer that has passion in tinkering with HTML, CSS, AJAX, Javascript, and Ruby on Rails.  Some of his works are as follows:

  • Plurkerati.com is a Web App built on Ruby on Rails, that enables Plurk Users to Search (other user), Check Statistical data and Ranks.
  • Plurl.me is a Web App that enables users to shorten a long URL.

In his spare time, Chris can be seen conversing with his mates on various Social Networking sites, such as:






To contact him via email you can use this address: chris[at]prakoso[dot]net

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